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About Eyelash Extensions


Eyelash extensions can be real mink, synthetic, polyester or a combination used to create volume and extend the length of natural eyelashes. One single extension is placed on each individual natural eyelash creating a result that is amazing and will look and feel completely real and elegant.

You will have instant volume along with long, luscious lashes making your eyes look more open and rested. Best of all, eyelash extensions have been specially designed to look completely natural. No one will suspect they’re not yours! You will always look fresh, pretty and ready for pictures.

Now you can be eyelash’d by Edimar and look like a star!


How should I come prepared to get lash extensions?

It’s best to wear comfortable clothes and preferably no eye makeup.

How long does it take to apply a full set of lashes?

It will take approximately 90-120 minutes and is very relaxing and completely painless. Some clients are so comfortable in fact that they fall asleep during the process.

How many lashes are in a full set?

Here is where the real difference exists. A full set of lashes consist of 180 – 200 individual lash extensions placed on each eye while you relax with your eyes closed. The results can be astonishing depending on how many natural lashes you have.

I typically apply at least 180 lashes or more to most clients taking into consideration a client’s face shape, eye shape, eye placement and brow arch to create a unique and truly customized look for every client that will enhance their eyes.

How long do lash extensions last?

You can have amazing eyelashes indefinitely. To main the look, re-lash appointments are necessary every
3 weeks to replace lashes that have shed or outgrown your natural lashes. The better you care for them the longer they will last. A re-lash appointment is a fraction of the cost of a newly applied full set.


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