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Edimar uses only high quality medical grade adhesive to guarantee the safety and longevity of your customized lash extensions. A consultation in advance will help Edimar create a look that is striking and yet fits perfectly with the current shape of your own natural lashes.

Real Mink (Edimar’s Personal Favorite)

These lashes are made of real mink hair and are very fine and feel closest to your own lashes. It is the softest and highest quality of hair on the market available today. Real mink lashes will also give a client the longest lasting look as well. Lashes are customizable to any length and amount of  “curl” desired.

Synthetic Lashes

These lashes are thicker than real mink, but still have a lighter weight giving our natural lashes a nice density. They are darker and richer in color also coming in different lengths, thickness and “curl” desired.

Polyester Lashes

These lashes are even thicker than synthetic and made of Polybutylene Terepthalate. They are precision manufactured and hold their curl very nicely. Polyester lashes come in 3 different shapes, 8 lengths and 3 density thicknesses.

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